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                                     June 22-29, 2016

        Helmut 2

 Opening week gives our Guests the first shot at King and Chum salmon when they are ar their hottest and fresh from the Bering Sea. Resident Rainbow Trout are ravenous after a long winter and are actively feeding on the outgoing smolts, and when the water temperature is right, they will also crush a deer hair mouse, like the 28 incher pictured above. It's also the best time of the year for trophy Grayling, with many approaching 20" and more. Here's a great opportunity to experience this fabulous fishing. Buy One trip at the regular fishing price of $5250, and Get the second trip for 50% off, or $2625, with both anglers paying their Charter Airfare of $950 and a Native Land Use Fee of $75. This is one opener you don't want to miss!

 Grayling 2015

 Rainbow 1






                       July 20-27 or July 27-Aug 3, 2016



      Kids Kast 1

 Do you remember your first fishing trip and who introduced you to your lifelong passion?  Do you have a budding young angler who is just wild for Fishing? We sure remember, and we want you to be able to pass along your passion for fishing to the next generation of anglers. So why not introduce your favorite kid to an outstanding fishing adventure at the Goodnews River Lodge. For the weeks of July 20-27 and July 27-Aug 3 we'll join with you to make it happen. When you book a trip at the regular price of $5950 (plus Airfare and Native Land Use fee), we'll host your under 16 angler for FREE! That's right! All you pay is their Charter airfare of $950 and their Native Land Use Fee of $75 and we'll do the rest. Each fully paying angler is entitled to bring along one under 16 angler for Free. We'll teach them to Kast, tie flies, Katch fish, look for wildlife such as Eagles and Bears, go hiking to the Dredge, organize activities for them in our new Rec Hall, and more. What a great way for you to bond with your son or daughter, or neice /nephew. Those weeks are loaded with Chum and Sockeye salmon, Silver salmon, Dolly Varden and Rainbow Trout so there is plenty of action to keep the kids interested. And if you can't make it in those weeks, you can always bring them along in any other week of the season for just $3995 plus Charter airfare and Native Land Use Fee. Join with the Goodnews River Lodge to pass along your love of the outdoors and fishing to another generation. 

Faith 2015







                          July 20-27 or July 27-Aug 3, 2016


 The Goodnews River may be the best River in all of Alaska to catch the rare Pacific Salmon Grand Slam, landing all 5 species of Pacific Salmon, the King, the Silver, the Pink, the Chum and the Sockeye, in one day. Many anglers have attempted this, and with a little luck, it happens to some of our Guests every year. It happens on fly: it happens on spin gear: some years it seems easy; some year's it's a little more difficult. In 2015, we even had 2 different parties of anglers fishing together accomplish this feat both on the same day, one in each week! And for the ultimate Alaskan fishing challenge, Maybe you can get the Super Grand Slam: the 5 Pacific Salmon, a Rainbow, a Dolly Varden and a Grayling all in one day on fly! Only 1 angler in the last 10 years has accomplished this. Will you be next?

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If you're the type of angler who loves challenges, we want you to come and give it a try. So just for you, we've specially priced the best Grand Slam weeks in 2016, July 20-27 and July 27-Aug 3. Buy the First trip at our regular price of $5950, and get the second trip for 50% off, or $2975! (Both Anglers pay Charter airfare of $950 and Native Land Use Fee of $75).  In those week every species of fish that calls the River Goodnews home will be available. Are you up to the challenge?





                Cast and Blast


                             Aug 31-Sept 7 or Sept 7-14, 2016

            20150906 165600

  If you're the type of outdoorsman who can't decide whether you'd rather fish for Silver Salmon or hunt Ducks and Ptarmigan, here is your opportunity to do both. The best of both worlds is available to you at the Goodnews River Lodge for the weeks of Aug 31-Sept 7 or Sept 7-14. Limited to just 6 participants each week, you can start out your day as the sun rises hunting Ducks, then come back to the Lodge for Breakfast, pick up your fishing gear, and then fight with an amazing number of Silver salmon until you're too tired to fight any more. Alternate days between hunting for Ducks in the morning or Ptarmigan in the evening, the choice is yours. We'll set up a program for you that fits your requirements. Silver fishing for the week of Aug 31-Sept 7 is priced $5250 per person, plus your charter airfare of $950 per person and the Native Land Use Fee of $75. You can add the Cast and Blast Option for a $1000 incremental charge for the week. Or choose the later week of Sept 7-14 for only $4995 including Cast and Blast. (Airfare and Native Fee additional). If this is the type of trip you've been dreaming of, contact us and we'll tailor the program to fit your desires. But hurry, the Cast and Blast program is limited to only 6 participants per week

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