As we left camp I thought of so MANY reasons I thought the camp improved this year. I failed to list any of them on my comment sheet so I must send them to you.

1. The food experience was fantastic! Dining room so much roomier. Wonderful decisions there.
2. Staff in the dining area was superb. I learned that often some move up to guides. Great idea.

3. We were paired with the nicest guides! They really knew their “stuff”. Drew was on Cue when the giant Dollie Don caught ripped a hole in Drew’s net. He immediately jumped out of the boat and tracked the line to save the fish catch. If Drew did not tell you the Dollie was 32 inches long. It was beautifully colored. Great day.

4. Our room additions – shelving and hanging bar were so nice to keep us organized. No complaints!
5. I thought the inventory of clothes in the rec hall was nice as well.

6. The efficiency of the plane schedule was nice as well. Thank goodness the shuttle service from Anchorage has stayed good to better.

I asked Don if he signed up again. He said “yes”! I relate Don to a big kid going to camp. I love it too. I really enjoy meeting such a big array of clients.

Have a great finish to this year and a marvelous winter connecting with your families. The great guides did a lot to make the whole Goodnews experience wonderful.

Until next time!
— Alice and Don
I have fished across Canada and Alaska and even made a trip to Russia. The Goodnews River Lodge ranks at the top of my list.

It offers the complete package, pristine location, excellent accommodations, spectacular food, excellent guides, and last but not least great fishing.

You will be amazed by the quality of the employees. Every person and I do mean every person went out of their way to insure you had a trip of a lifetime. All the guides were excellent fisherman, outgoing, and went the extra mile to put you on the fish. We had three in our group and had more doubles then I could remember with a few triples throw in.

One of my favorite features of the lodge was there were very few people on the river. I have been to flyout lodges that dropped you into spots that were crowded with other fishermen. This will not happen here. You will have your stretch of the river to yourself.

Everything was spotlessly clean and the chef prepared excellent food everyday. I made many new friends and can’t wait to get back there next season. You will not be disappointed. Don’t get shut out. Your dream trip is waiting.
— Bruce Potter
My father and I had the time of our life at the Goodnews River Lodge. The food was great, but best of all the fishing was impressive to say the least. The guides were awesome as well. One thing is for sure, if someone asked me where to go fishing in Alaska there would be only one place to send them, and we know where that would be. It was as first class as it gets in the middle of nowhere. I appreciate everything that everyone did and had a great time. Thanks again.
— Mike Olszanowski jr
My twenty ninth birthday is one I will not soon forget. This was the third trip I have taken with my father to the Goodnews River Lodge. Familiar with the river, the staff, and the facilities at the Goodnews , I knew I was in store for a week of relaxation, good company, chromed-out salmon and fat “leopard” rainbows. I have always regarded the Goodnews River as a premier destination for world class fishing, but this trip exceeded all expectations. The variety and sheer number of fish within the river system during the summer months provides an angler the opportunity to experience the best day of fishing of his or her life, regardless of skill set or experience. The day of the Super Slam certainly ranks at the top of my list of days spent on the water. It’s right up there for best birthdays too.

— Ben Hillis
I want to thank all the staff at Goodnews River Lodge for the fishing trip of a lifetime. All the guides were great. Jeff took us up the South branch and the ride was great. Jeff can handle a boat as good as any guide I have ever seen . Great fishing! Jeff taught me how to mouse. Eric guided me to my first grayling. To cap it off I used a caddis. The dollies were everywhere. I used a self made bamboo rod for almost all the trip and was to the backing of my reel for the first time. Many firsts for me. Brian my guide took some great pictures. He is very talented. Tom was just a gem around camp. The food was great.
— Justin Lyons
I would like to thank you and your great staff at the Goodnews River Lodge for the wonderful experience my son Eric and I had while fishing with you. GNRL has created a first class operation on a river system that is truly unique in it’s quality of fishing and beauty. When I asked Eric what he thought after our first day of fishing he simply said “Dad, it was EPIC!” I could not have ever imagined a better first trip to the land of the midnight sun. Thank you and your staff for allowing us to spend a few days in Shangri-La.
— John Cleveland
Just returned home from a FABULOUS trip to Goodnews River Lodge – what a wonderful, well run operation, in a beautiful setting!!! I’m so glad we had a chance to be there – a new part of Alaska for me.
All your pre-trip info was perfect, the equipment all worked (I was SO glad to not have to schlep boots, waders and fishing gear out there and back). The Staff and Guides were not only technically good, but also personable and attentive. They all represent you very well. I really like that you treat them ALL as one team and all share equally in the “tips” – I think that is a great model. I also like that you rotate the guides each day – I felt I got to know most of them during the short time there.
— Peggy Light
Mike, the guides, and the lodge staff went above and beyond whenever possible. The guides especially were about the most professional group I have encountered. Considering the logistics you do an incredible job. Thanks for a memorable trip.
— Steve Atanasio